Helping Mission-Driven Orgs Improve Their Communication Skills and Mental Wellbeing

About Andrew

My mission is to help compassionate organizations improve their communication skills, team dynamics and employee wellbeing.

In a complex and confusing world, we need orgs that are empathetic, inclusive and leading courageously towards justice. My job is to help you improve mental wellbeing and communication among your team. 

Andrew has been a speaker for...

Speaking Sample: A Story Is An Emotional Journey

Leaders are always telling stories — about themselves, their organizations, and the people they help. Effective storytelling is a powerful leadership communication skill that can inspire team members, volunteers and other stakeholders to organize themselves around your vision.

Thought Leadership

I’m very passionate about teaching and sharing effective communication skills and mental wellbeing techniques! Here are some pieces I’ve created and shared.

Andrew is excellent at listening to what you are saying and cutting through the nonsense. We've worked together on changing my own communication with myself and with my clients. He helped me solve a problem that I didn't realize I had created by the way I was communicating! The results have been immediate and impactful with my own peace of mind. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Richard M -- Small Business Owner