Who Is Andrew-Vargas Delman?


Let’s get to know each other! Here’s a bit more about what I hold most dearly.

My Superpowers

Emotional Intelligence, Open-Mindedness, Courage


What Matters to Me

Self-Confidence, Connectedness, Communication, Acceptance, Joy, Adventure

On My Coaching & Speaking Bucket List…

Give a speech to 5,000 people

Lead 500 communication workshops

Win a spoken word poetry contest

Coach a world leader…! (I believe they call it “advising”)

Teach 10,000 people about character strengths and self-confidence

Confidence, Connection, Communication​

Just a few words to live by…

Why Communication? Why Confidence?

My own journey centers around a series of years living with intense social anxiety and isolation. In high school and college, I lived in fear of what other people thought of me, fear of judgment, fear of being dismissed, fear of being insignificant. I imagined all the criticisms that they’d be making about me behind closed doors. I lived in a state of constant self-comparison, which took a serious toll on my relationships, self-esteem and physical wellbeing. Dark clouds loomed, never quite out of sight. 

But slowly, with the help of years of inner work, focused action and supportive mentors, I found my way back to self-confidence, self-compassion and an openness to sharing who I am — imperfections and all. So, today, this is the gift that I strive to give to my clients, myself, and anyone I should encounter: the gift of acceptance; of support in being your strange, imperfect self; of confidence in sharing your message, on stage and off; of clarity and self-compassion in the face of that unyielding inner critic. 

Speaking, in particular, poses a challenge for so many of us. Public speaking and team leadership touch on core fears that many of us share: am I intelligent enough for this job? Am I worthy of being a leader? Should I even ben here? When will people find out that I don’t know what I’m doing up here?

My own journey has been one of learning to share myself, to share my message, to share my emotional truth. And I’ve learned how precious and vital each one of our stories is. Because, whatever your journey is, you’re one step ahead of someone else — thousands of people, really. And, more than anything, they need someone to share their story, and to be honest about their experience — emotionally honest, courageous and vulnerable. They need someone to speak up and guide them forward. So I am here to help leaders and creatives — and anyone looking to share their journey, to speak out as a leader, to guide and build community. I am here to stand for your self-confidence, connectedness, and the importance of honest, vulnerable, human-to-human communication.

Coaching and Communication Methodologies

My experiences draw on a broad selection of communication and personal development frameworks, including: VIA Strengths, Nonviolent Communication, the Enneagram, Byron Katie’s The Work, Positive Psychology coaching, Money Wisdom coaching, Landmark Education, Toastmasters, improv comedy and more. I offer a unique approach to communication coaching, centered around self-confidence, courage and vulnerability.

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