Your words and phrasing deeply helped. We talked today and it went beautifully. Coming from a place of love, connection, and mutual support as well as understanding it as an act of love set the stage for a truly positive outlook. Thank you so so much ✨

Dominique G

You could have heard a pin drop as Andrew Vargas Delman spoke at our school assembly about public speaking.  The students gave Andrew their complete attention as he talked about much more than speaking.  Andrew was showing them, through example, how to feel comfortable in their own skin, how to be a leader, and how to be accepting of themselves and others.

Barbara Brown, Head of School, The Marin School

Andrew’s coaching has been amazing. From our work together, I saw how I kept tripping up and getting in my own way with self-criticism. I was making up stories about being a bad leader when, in all honesty, I was too afraid to even ask for feedback. The time and energy we spent building my self-confidence has been 200% worth it. Thank you!!

Marissa, insurance product manager in San Francisco

Andrew! Goodness gracious, Thank you!! 🙂 Thank you for your empowering and supportive words. I stop myself from following my truth at times and believe the words of those who want to bring me down. But all I truly want is to help woman feel beautiful, confident, and happy in every damn way! Thank you for your support and encouragement. I’ve made some epic progress and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. You are such a light in this world!✨

Karen O

Andrew established a relationship with my son in which he was held accountable for his actions and inactions. With his help, he began to show more initiative, motivation and execution in his meeting goals. He also received genuine positive feedback, which helps support his behavior change, and most importantly, his shifts in behavior are now becoming habits.  The sky’s the limit now with the support he received from Andrew… Thank you!!

Margaret P, Dance teacher

Andrew, thank you so, so, so much for your support with helping me feel better about myself professionally. As you know, I’ve dealt with fear around seeming greedy and a massive lack of self-confidence. It’s been a long journey but I feel so lucky to have worked with you. Your coaching has helped me realize how much I have to offer the world, and how to get out there and share myself more. I’m making more money doing the photography work I love now. So, thank you!!

Katie E, Photographer and graphic designer

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